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Sustainable framework for Dragash Municipality Development Plan and the expansion of a National Park in the Sharr Mountains

Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use Management


December 2010 to December 2012


Kosovo / Municipality of Dragash & Prizren


UNDP - United Nation Development Programme

Description / responsibilities

  • Establishment of a regional GIS system
  • Sustainability Atlas for the Municipal Development Plan (concept, collection, supervising map production (45 thematic maps). The Sustainable Development Atlas (SDA) includes spatial assessment of local / regional resources and guidance for further spatial development and land management as input for the Municipal Development Plan and other future plans.
  • Advisory service for the Municipal Development Plan Dragash – Capacity Building Programmes for UNDP and Dragash Municipality.
  • Execution of the required ‘Strategic Environmental Assessment’ for the Municipal Development Plan
  • Biodiversity assessment (forests, open land, fauna, flora, vegetation)
  • Forest function plans and management guidance (timber production, coppice forest, private use)
  • Concepts and guidelines on: evaluation of biodiversity situation in the region incl. Sharr Mountains, Recommendations for conservation of this area within existing National Park borders and/or proclamation of protected zones,
  • Guidelines and specific measures for necessary field examinations in Dragash area within precise evaluation of floristic, faunistic, ecosystem diversity and threats
  • Capacity development of the Municipality (strategy, training needs assessment, implementation, quality control, financing mechanisms, office management)
  • Landscape Plan for the “Shkugza Park” - Municipality of Gjakova and Institute of Spatial Planning, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
  • Facilitation of public participation in the course of the compilation of the Municipal Development Plan


Senior Advisers for institutional Capacity development, biodiversity, spatial planning and environmental impacts

Volume 1 to 5
Draft Sustainability Atlas - UNDP Project 2010 - 2012 - for the Municipality of Dragash in the southern part of Kosovo.
Peter Bank
Florian Bemmerlein-Lux
Ismail Gagica
Ergin Hajredini
Michael Voit, Maria Elena Zuniga Barrientos - Project Manager
This document is the summary version of the MDP. It contains the essence of the Municipal Development Plan:
Part I (Introduction, Profile and SWOT-Analysis), Part II (Vision, Spatial Development Framework, Strategies and Implementation Provisions) and Part III (Maps).

Example of a guidance map for the Municipal Development Plan: Guidance for Agriculture

Framework for a comprehensive and balanced management plan of “Sharr” National Park Kosovo
Ergin Hajredini
Peter Bank
Florian Bemmerlein-Lux
Ismail Gagica
Halil Ibrahimi
Project Manager:
Maria Elena Zuniga Barrientos
Output supervisor and officer in charge:
Halil Ibrahimi

Zoning of the Sharr Mountain National Park - Guidance Map for zoning of the Sustainability Atlas

Guidance for Nature Conservation


Overview of the Municipality Dragash
Example maps and spatial planning approach [More]